Bangkok Advanced Learning (BAL) Education Center provides an environment designed with learning in mind. State-of-the-art, independent climate-controlled classrooms with high-tech lighting that enables students to see the projection images clearly and still be able to read their text books without the need to turn the classroom lights off and on, establish the base of the learning environment.

Being away from the office, while sometimes a needed and appreciated break, can sometimes add more stress than it alleviates. Needing to keep in touch with your office is a situation the BAL Education Services appreciates. By providing an IP Phone, fax, Computer Kiosk and WiFi to access Internet or private e-mail for our students, BAL Education Services strives to meet your communication needs.

The learning process can take its toll, zapping the body of essential nutrients to keep the mind functioning at its optimum level. BAL Education Services appreciates the energy expended during the learning process and understands the importance of keeping the body, as well as the mind, fed by providing an afternoon snack, soft drinks and coffee/hot water.

BAL Education Center attire is business casual.
Other BAL Education Services amenities include:
Close proximity to BTS Sanam Pao station.
Free Parking
Prime downtown location